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Welcome to the repository of secrets "Cryptex"

Cryptex is a cylinder made up of rotating discs with letters. By arranging the letters in a certain order, the cryptex could be opened and retrieved from the center of the cylinder with a secret message. When an attempt was made to break the "encryption apparatus", the vial with vinegar contained inside broke and the acid destroyed the paper. Kryptex was recreated in the film The Da Vinci Code from the drawings of Leonardo Da Vinci

In the online version, it is no longer possible to put a flask with acid inside the cryptex, so the cryptex looks like a logical online game. Electronic cryptex is designed to store secrets that are not afraid to lose.

To create a secret and write it into the cryptex, it is very simple to choose a combination, if the selected combination does not contain a secret, you will be prompted to enter it. As a secret, you can drive whatever you want, except for insults.

To open a cryptex, you need to choose a combination of letters so that this combination matches the combination of the kept secret, then the secret will become known to you.

Total secrets in cryptex: 13 550
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